Section Leader


The insects most recorded by the Field Club at present are butterflies. This is probably because some members are also members of Butterfly Conservation and send their records to B.C. The Millenium Atlas brought out by Butterfly Conservation showed the status of all the British butterflies at that time. However, not long after publication, a Speckled Wood was seen in Darlington for the first time. Now some years later this butterfly is seen in Northumberland and is quite common in our area. This makes the Atlas out of date in some respects and highlights the need for constant recording. Moth nights are sometimes held, this activity can be very weather dependent, but on a good night very exciting. Odonata, damsflies and dragonflies, are perhaps the second most recorded insects by Club Members. Recently two or three members sat at the Whinnies watching Broad Bodied Chasers around the pond. Bees are also recorded by some members but this leaves hundreds of insects of which we have no formal records. This is something we really need to address.