Baydale Beck

Baydale Beck Field Trip Tuesday July 9th 2019 : Grid Ref NZ 254143

12 members met in the Layby west of the Baydale pub on A67 in light drizzle. We first looked at the wildlife beside the hedge near the layby.  This site is south facing. Numerous plant species were seen and some insects

We moved on down the dark path between the beck and the waterworks.  The Burtterbur leaves were enormous. Other common plants were noted. All the vegetation seemed to have grown excessively perhaps due to the sunshine and rain.

We came out into a more open area were gravel chippings had been scattered in the past giving an alkaline flora.  Hairy St Johnswort was prolific. Pink Century was flowering. A Tufted Duck with Ducklings was seen on one of the settling ponds.

We moved through some mature trees to mown grassland and then across the bridge to walk between a field of Wheat and the beck.  We saw tall Valerian in bloom and the Hairy Willowherb and Rosebay were just starting to bloom. Water Figwort and White Bryony were also seen

Finally, we looked into the community woodland planted a few years ago..  Here the grass had grown very tall. It was dusk by then Two members wandered in and found a large number of moths in the grass.

Fal noted 100 species of plant.  Jill noted fungi and rusts of which the most interesting was Lurid Bolete.  Also 23 insect galls on various host plants, a variety of insects,1 spider, 1 millipede and 3 snails.

Planning permission to build 900 houses had been given but we were pleased to hear that this decision is to be reviewed.. 

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