My picture shows the flower of tulip tree latin name
is Liriodendron tulipifera. This tree was introduced
in Britain from North America in mid 17 th century
and there is a magnificent tree in Darlington west
cemetery. It is a deciduous tree meaning the tree
drops all the leaf before winter. The flower is
orange-yellow produced in May-June. The tree is
named after its flower which looks like tulip. The
sepal and petals are same ‘look a like’ so it is called
tepals.This is a common feature of plants that
appeared early in the evolution of flowering plants.
In my picture outer yellow-greens are tepals, inside
male reproductive player of flower are called
anthers, this is where we see pollen and then in the
centre there are female reproductive parts called
style that has brown stigma which receives
pollen.There are plenty of nectar for many insect s
including bees. All parts of tulip tree are poisonous.

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